YOUR VIEW: Preleski endorses Mayor Ellen, team in Bristol

Published on Monday, 18 October 2021 20:55
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To the editor:

I have served the citizens of Bristol’s second district for the last six years on the city council and am now a candidate for City Treasurer.

I want to thank voters in my district for the privilege to serve them and I want them to know that I always made decisions that I thought were best for them. I also want to thank the department heads within city hall who responded to me when a constituent had an issue. I also want to thank my wife, Kathy, who was alongside me throughout my service with encouragement and advice. When someone serves in government, it becomes a family affair. I also want to thank members of the council, Mary Fortier, Brittany Barney-Calhoun, Peter Kelley (my partner in the second district), Greg Hahn and Scott Rosado. Each of these individuals work hard for the City of Bristol and they are caring, very intelligent and experienced in many ways.

Now, more than ever, we need experience on the council for the next term. I also encouraged my friend, Bob Mielcarz to run for my seat on the council. Bob cares about Bristol, and is so open and honest.

Ellen [Zoppo-Sassu] gave me a great deal of responsibility in her administration and I encourage everyone to vote for her. She is very smart and hard working and, in my opinion, was born to be mayor. She emails me at midnight so she can deliver a thought she has about an issue she thinks is important. She constantly works for you. She has brought more state money into our town than any other recent mayor. She can pick up the phone and get any staffer in Hartford to get action. I’ve seen her do it. I’ve always advocated for a city manager and I’d pick her.

I’ve seen some of the mailings Mr. Caggiano has published and quite honestly, they offend me. They are rife with misstatements and inaccuracies. He won’t tell you about the job consolidations we did or performance standards we initiated or places where we made the city more efficient. He says special people got big raises. If they took on more responsibilities, they did. But we saved money. We saved money intelligently. We utilized our pension accounting to save millions.

Mr. Caggiano talks about tax increases during the pandemic, saying we were one of the few towns that raised taxes. Not true. Plus. analyze the way some of these cities accomplished that trick. We were responsible in our approach. He also talked about our debt and wasteful spending. I want him to tell us where that is. He voted for the Boulevard project and he and Cheryl Thibeault will say we are wasting money on broadband. Look around at what other towns are doing in this regard.

I have always maintained that Bristol is in competition with other cities and town around us. They want to attract businesses or encourage business expansion and attract young families. You need to promote projects that put us in a position to compete. They don’t get it. NO TAX INCREASE this year with significant investment in better roads, police and fire protection and education.

If you are approached with candidates spouting “sound bites,” challenge them for detail. There are a few candidates I don’t even know and I’ve lived here and have been active in our community my entire life. Experience matters. Vote for Ellen and her team.

Dave Preleski


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