YOUR VIEW: City BOE members posts show why I won't vote GOP

Published on Thursday, 23 September 2021 21:04
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To the Editor:

Recently, social media posts were made by two of our elected Republican Board of Education members showing their beliefs on masks for our school aged children. These posts show the true belief of these BOE members and their lack of support for keeping our children safe.

One post made by John Sklenka on Sept. 20 is a meme of a child pulling their mask away from their face and writing from inside the mask onto their paper with the text "HEY KIDS, TIRED OF HAVING TO WEAR THOSE PESKY FACE MASKS...JUST START DOING THIS (THEY'LL BE BANNED IN NO TIME) YOU'RE WELCOME".

Another post made by Eric Carlson to the local Facebook group "Bristol Talks" on Sept. 21 states: "Four-hour meeting of the Bristol Board of Education last night. Four hours of wearing those annoying and largely useless masks."

While I understand that wearing masks can be annoying, science has proven them to be effective in protecting not only the person wearing the mask but also those around us. These posts make one point very clear: the current Republican BOE members are not looking out for our children's safety. How can we continue to put these people into trusted positions and feel comfortable sending our kids to school where they should be kept safe when we have elected officials with decision-making authority publicly commenting their opposition to scientifically proven safety measures?

I hope this helps you decide who you are voting for on Nov. 2. I know it has for me.

Andrew Rasmussen-Tuller


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