YOUR VIEW: The Dems see me, hear me, work for me

Published on Sunday, 12 September 2021 12:09
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To the Editor:

I read Republican mayoral candidate Jeff Caggiano's recent letter [Letter to the Editor, Sept. 10, 2021] defending his wrong budget numbers on broadband, after being called out for saying the city is spending $500,000 when the actual amount is $25,000.

I was appalled by his quote that he was running "to bring honest leadership to the City of Bristol." So he thinks we have dishonest leadership now?

Here's my story - in December of 2017, the week of Christmas, I felt that I had finally run out of choices and resources. I was worried about stable housing, the ability to finish my degree, my three kids and their school situation, and much more. Out of ideas, I visited the Mayor's office and explained my current situation. Both the Mayor and Cathy in her office listened, asked questions, and then made a bunch of phone calls. Literally, in one visit, I was reassured that things were going to get back on track. And they did.

And when Cathy called me a couple of days later to come back into the office, it was to discover that they had Christmas shopped for us. So Mr. Caggiano, let me say this. We DO have honest leadership, and caring leaders who go above and beyond - when no one is looking - to help people. To connect people with programs. To be role models to kids. To work every day to improve the community and the lives of the people who live here.

I'm voting for the Democrats again this year because they see me, hear me and work for me.

Lanita Thomas


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