YOUR VIEW: Caggiano broadband video had many mistakes

Published on Wednesday, 8 September 2021 21:26
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To the Editor:

Republican mayoral candidate Jeff Caggiano recently made a video with a series of incorrect facts concerning the City's work in evaluating a broadband utility.

He said "the City has spent over $500,000 toward this." Here are the real numbers: The City has $100,000 allocated from last year's budget, and $250,000 was added this year, which hasn't been used. To date, the only money that is in play is the consultant who is doing the community outreach and that contract is written to not exceed $36,000, of which $25,684.28 has been spent. The additional money beyond the $36,000 would only be spent if the City decided to move forward with this initiative. Spoiler alert: They have not.

Broadband is a hot topic with everyone working from home, using telehealth, shopping and doing school work online. Since Covid, everyone is recognizing that people need to be connected for daily life, regardless of their household income. I actually think it’s a good thing that Bristol is investigating this. Jeff Caggiano and the Republican Party keep talking about wasteful spending, but even when they actually list an issue, their facts are wrong. Voters beware.

Kerry Walsh


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