YOUR VIEW: So much for advocacy from the Post

Published on Saturday, 7 August 2021 11:09
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To the Editor:

I believe the opinions the Herald has run lately from the Washington Post need some “push back”. 

On July 6, Sargent and Waldman of the Post opined that the absence of GOP input will add “integrity” to the select committee examining the January 6 “insurrection.” That approach is similar to proposing a trial where only the prosecution is represented since the “select committee” permitted by Speaker Pelosi is hardly impartial.  With her control of who can serve, only those with her predisposition are being allowed. This obviously will ensure findings she wants.   But the foundation of our justice system is advocacy, where justice will arise from challenges between prosecution and defense.  By rejecting committee members not sharing her views, Pelosi has formed a committee of yes-men (and women) supporting her agenda. That is not integrity.

Then on July 29, the Post’s Jennifer Rubin gleefully observes (to her) that the “select committee” has “already exceeded all expectations”.  My, my, after only six days, too!  This is her belief, but it is not mine.

Who shot and killed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she crawled through a broken window? Was lethal force necessary? Must we discount Donald Trump’s urging his supporters to be “peaceful” and “maintain law and order”? Will the committee be made up only of people who want to hang Trump out to dry? Will justice be served?  I doubt it.

Donald Chamberlin


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