YOUR VIEW: A tip of the cap to Bristol mayor, the City Council

Published on Wednesday, 28 July 2021 21:01
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To the Editor:

This letter is to encourage all voters to support the good work of the Mayor and City Council so that Bristol can continue to make the incredible progress we have seen in the last 4 years.

From the plans for downtown to the new businesses as well as the great job they did during the pandemic, Bristol continues to move forward. I have gotten to know my neighbors better by volunteering for the food box distribution, attending the many concerts at Rockwell Park, shopping at the farmers market, and attending many Blues [baseball] games. I am very excited to go to a show at the new Rockwell theater as I love live music.

Actions speak louder than words. [Republican mayoral] Jeff Caggiano's letter about his goals is lackluster in my opinion. I expected more than a few paragraphs and no specific details. Being on the BOE for 4 years does not make him an expert in education or give him firsthand knowledge in providing educational excellence.

What I do not understand is why he and his team are not interested in broadband access. It is a national priority, following Covid, when kids couldn't access schoolwork, seniors needed telehealth access, and thousands of Bristol residents worked from home. And most concerning is his "we don't need new ideas or programs" statement? What does that even mean? Wow.

I plan on being an active participant in this election for Ellen, my council members Scott Rosado and Greg Hahn, and our BOE candidates. See you on November 2, Bristol!

Sarah Sullivan


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