YOUR VIEW: Jeff Caggiano releases his goals for Bristol, if elected

Published on Monday, 26 July 2021 20:34
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To the Editor:

Most Bristol residents are looking to resume normal activities and long for the freedoms and liberties that this country was founded upon.  Bristol is a big “small town,” with a diverse population that should be celebrated.  If elected you will see a new perspective that will question the norms of government waste.  Although often well intentioned, most realize our quality of life is best left in our own hands, and generally the government should allow us to create our own happiness. For example, I believe in the we need to revitalize downtown and the West End. A strong economy allows us to thrive and growth here will help the community. Recall however, the Mayor is the only politician left from 2005 when the City purchased the downtown property, I am confident that we are on our way to a vibrant downtown, yet once completed we realize that the government needs to know its boundaries. Therefore I will be focusing  on our 3 main priorities:

Public Education.  I served on the Board of Education for 4 years and have the experience and first hand knowledge to provide educational value to our students, which is every town's most pressing priority.

Public Works - We have, under a “quality of life” mantra, spent and wasted nearly one half a million dollars to investigate fiber optic internet for all to combat the “digital divide.”  I promise I will make sure our roads are paved but won’t waste taxpayer dollars on pet projects.

Public Safety - We do not need any new programs, initiatives, or ideas.  We need to continue to fund our Police and Fire Departments appropriately and let them do their jobs to uphold law and order.

Finally, I will actively engage in open discussion and debate of the issues and encourage input from citizens with monthly office hours I will institute IN City Hall.  Speaking of City Hall, it is in need of repairs and upgrades but not a $33 million dollar overhaul with a new palatial Mayor’s suite.  Please call/text me at (860) 266-7812 if you want to discuss our town.

(The writer is a 2021 Republican mayoral candidate)

Jeff Caggiano


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