YOUR VIEW: We must keep fighting covid-19 globally

Published on Monday, 4 January 2021 21:01
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To the Editor:

As our own country struggles with the battle against covid-19, some may have forgotten the global scale of this disease, especially in third-world countries.

Due to limited manufacturing and the preorders of wealthy nations, much of the world may not even have access to the vaccine until 2022. As we have tremendous amount of domestic issues to focus on, we also have numerous foreign affairs we must be cautious of.

Why should we worry about what is going on in the world when we have our own issues?

First, this pandemic has caused already poor nations to become more destitute in poverty. For almost 25 years, poverty was steadily declining, but now, the first time in a generation, it is increasing. In addition, it is increasing global poverty, which will have an impact on American economy as many of our goods rely on foreign policy.

But what can we do as citizens?

First and foremost, we must adhere to the WHO guidelines for the virus, such as proper handwashing, wearing a mask and keeping distance. Another key thing we can do is holding our government accountable, such as advocating for free testing, investing in science and foreign action.

I applaud Senator Chris Murphy for his continuous efforts in supporting the importance of foreign policy, and I encourage the members of Congress to keep supporting the International Affairs Budget to fight covid-19 globally.

Jacob Swathi


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