YOUR VIEW: Americans need to come together

Published on Sunday, 20 December 2020 20:16
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To the Editor:

Americans late in 2020 have found our first, if likely our last, common rallying point since 2016.

That wonderful place of agreement is priority vaccination of healthcare workers. In this, we all believe. But otherwise, we live in a cesspool of unnatural division. How can a people who have so much be so dissatisfied with each other? This holds true in our friendships, our marriages, our employments, and, yes, our governments and political parties.

The rest of the world must feel nothing but pity for us. As a people we have digressed so far that we have very little in common except greed, lust, animosity, consumption, and ignorance. That isn’t very much to go on.

All the while our homes, churches, schools and workplaces are promoting comity and amity and unity, our public places are demonstrating exactly the opposite - every kind of violent mentality, self-destructive behavior, distrust and irresponsibility. We are monstrous hypocrites. We must try to figure out what is the root of all this evil.

Kim Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, UT

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