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Published on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 21:12
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To the Editor:

I believe some balance must be added to the op-ed article in the Thursday Oct. 22, 2020 Herald entitled, “Why Senate Republicans deserve to lose a number of seats.”

Contrary to what the article says, Trump and the Senate have offered a new stimulus bill but Nancy Pelosi has rejected it and will not bring it to a vote in the House. The bill would contain $1.8 Trillion for unemployment subsidies, food support and aid for schools, among things. Pelosi is holding out for $2.2 Trillion. Who is blocking this relief package? McConnell or Pelosi? Depending on your viewpoint, it could be either one, but certainly not just Trump and McConnell! Pelosi could put the $1.8 Trillion bill to a vote in the House, and if it passed, the Senate and Trump would surely approve it. Isn’t she the obstacle?

Must Republicans only capitulate to her “my way or the highway” attitude? Bringing up “acquitting Trump despite a mound of evidence, acquiescence to foreign emoluments” is absurd. The “mound of evidence” was shown to be fake by the Mueller inquiry, and the Emoluments argument, basically that foreign government officials were using Trump hotels, has been shown to be unfounded. The guy owns hotels, nice ones, and people stay in them. Big deal! This is old, discredited, news.

To characterize the Barrett nomination to the Supreme Court as seeking to “jam through a Supreme Court nominee who, they hope, will enact their radical social agenda from the bench” is to completely ignore what Ms. Barrett said in the hearings. It is absurd, and seeking to ensure that laws are constitutional is hardly “radical”.

She clearly stated that she must rule based on the Constitution as written, even if the ruling is something she does not agree with personally. Ruling from the bench is contrary to everything she said.

The Herald might want to reconsider articles like this that are so biased as to be almost useless to someone wanting to be truthfully informed on important matters we face.

Donald Chamberlin


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