YOUR VIEW: Vote yes to repair, maintain our roads

Published on Monday, 26 October 2020 21:03
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To the Editor:

“Shall the Town of Southington appropriate $10 million for cost related to the 2020-2021 road and bridge improvement program and authorize the issue of $10 million bonds and notes to finance the appropriation?”

I want to take this time to explain how important the above referenced referendum will be for Southington.

Keeping our roads and bridges safe and in good repair is vital for not only for ourselves, but for each of our friends and neighbors. We all travel on our roads every day. To keep our roads and bridges in good order, it requires that we keep the ongoing repairs of our roads and bridges as a top priority. Years ago, we put into place a plan that insures that the critical work gets done as soon as possible. Part of that plan is to utilize a bonding option every few years which provides for the needed work.

We are counting on you to again step up and help us keep our roads and bridges safe. Please join me and vote “yes” on November 3rd on our referendum question.

Victoria Triano,

Chairwoman, Southington Town Council

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