YOUR VIEW: The Gentle Barn is in need of your help

Published on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 20:11
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To the Editor:

What do Peyton Manning and Luke Skywalker have in common? Both are names given to rescued turkeys at The Gentle Barn waiting for your help.

For 2020 why not sponsor a turkey instead of buying one for consumption? Display feathers, beaks and toes on your kids arts and crafts project as a way of honoring turkeys salvaged. Goats, cows, sheep and other animals await your donations year round if you are already supporting other charities this season.

Donations help the sanctuaries assist in animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts, feeding, keeping the farms clean and medical care. When you adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary which is based in New York and California, you will receive a subscription to Sanctuary magazine, an online certificate of adoption, and a membership to the farm. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in New York and The Gentle Barn in California, Tennessee and Missouri has animal sponsorships as well as Amazon wish lists for folks interested in helping with rescue efforts.

When your kids visit farms on school, camp, or day care field trips they might meet turkeys and other animals. Take these kids under your wing when they inquire about farm animals being used as food for humans. Hypocrisy exists financially supporting rescuing animals yet eating animals outside of these farms. Your help allows for farms to flourish for others, too. Farms provide educational benefits and help at risk kids or kids with special needs.

Nanaz Khosrowshahi


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