YOUR VIEW: It's important to respect other people's rights during election season

Published on Sunday, 11 October 2020 20:04
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To the Editor:

Diversity of political opinion and the expression of opposing viewpoints are expected in a democracy. In fact, we cherish such freedoms as our constitutional rights.

Responsible citizenship, however, does not include the theft or defacement of property such as political signs. This has not really been a problem in Plainville over the years and it is certainly something which has never been encouraged or condoned by either the local Democratic or Republican party. But we are concerned about some recent issues with signs.

We therefore urge everyone to respect the right of community members to display political signs on their property. Be aware that theft or vandalism is illegal. Also, please share with others the importance of respecting others’ rights.

Emotions can run high as we approach Election Day. This year is certainly no different in that regard.

Let’s all work together to ensure that the remainder of the 2020 campaign season reflects civility, safety, and good citizenship.

Rebecca Martinez, Plainville Democratic Town Committee, Chairperson

Gayle Dennehy-Carrier, Republican Town Committee Chairperson

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