YOUR VIEW: Beware of misleading statements from some candidates

Published on Sunday, 11 October 2020 20:03
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To the Editor:

The Democrat candidate for state representative, District 30, JoAnn Angelico-Stetson continues to make misleading statements.

On Sept. 1, Ms. Stetson posted a statement regarding the transit-oriented development on Farmington Avenue in Berlin, stating, “I spearheaded efforts to kick-start our local economy by focusing on transit-oriented development....” The fact is Ms. Stetson did not spearhead this project and had no real involvement. This project came through fruition from the extraordinary efforts of Berlin’s Economic Development Director, Chris Edge, and many other town employees. So Ms. Stetson why are you taking credit?

Ms. Stetson is also misleading voters by taking credit for writing Town of Berlin budgets. On her website she states “I have helped write numerous balanced budgets that were financially sound.” As a Board of Finance member I can unequivocally tell you that she has not written any budgets. The truth is that budgets are developed in detail by department heads who are accountable for those budgets. Ultimately after comprehensive budget reviews, the Board of Finance submits the recommended budget to the Town Council to either accept, reject or reduce.

At that point, Ms. Stetson, as Town Councilor, has a vote on a budget she claims she helped write. How can we trust someone who uses deception to attempt to get votes? Republican Donna Veach is a strong and honest leader. As a business and community leader she doesn’t look for public recognition for the good she does. Donna Veach is someone we could trust.

Salvatore Bordonaro


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