YOUR VIEW: Please, make sure you vote this election

Published on Sunday, 4 October 2020 20:43
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To the Editor:

Traditionally, Republicans focused on small government, fiscal conservatism and belief that self-reliance and hard work were the society’s keystones.

Despite imperfections, we’ve argued for 244 years to create a “more perfect union.” Mindful of the Holocaust lived by my parents’ generation, I resisted characterizing Germans an aberrant people. Their DNA is no different than ours. And our electoral system is no different from Germany’s before 1933. What we learned, and what haunts us, is that democracy can be overthrown through the ballot box. For 10-plus years, disinformation has been huckstered on airwaves and social media to twist traditional Republican ideals.

Rather than arguing Republican/Democratic policy differences, personal attacks, mockery and distortion transformed the meaning of “conservatism.”

The success of this national infection became clear with Trump’s 2016 racist characterization of Mexicans “bringing drugs, bringing crime. They’re rapists.” For Trump, “family values” were air-brushed to hide repeated sexual predation. Traditional Republican respect for America’s rule of law and due process was discarded with illegal immigrants’ infants and toddlers torn from mothers - tossed into cages. Most costly has been the President’s mockery of science which has failed to protect our country from covid-19: 210,000 dead... and counting!

Just hearing of the President’s own diagnosis, share my prayer that he (and all suffering Americans) have a complete healing. That, somehow, his personal covid-19 encounter may soften his heart - leading towards national reconciliation rather than continuing division.

Please vote as if our nation’s life is in the balance. It is.

Chap. Matthew Shulman


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