YOUR VIEW: Accusations, disrespect on display in Bristol

Published on Friday, 14 February 2020 19:46
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To The Editor:

Democracy in action had a major setback at Bristol Zoning Board’s January 27th meeting at Bristol Central High School.

Accusations of tampering and prejudice were suggested by Joe Naple’s attorney, he implied that neighborhood residents (over 200 present) who were opposed to his proposed zone change were elitists, tampered with the process and were spreading false rumors about his project.

There was no public opportunity to go on record and challenge the attorney’s comments, to address the specifics of the zone change or the reason over 200 Forestville residents are opposed to it.

To add insult to injury, the taxpaying residents were admonished by the board that any “improper behavior” would result in their removal. To ensure this end, the Zoning Board and City Planner felt it necessary to have multiple police present to handle “unruly elitists” taxpayers who might oppose the zone change.

All this makes me wonder what is the city’s real agenda in entertaining a highly unpopular zone change which would allow low to moderate apartments (Zoning Board’s words) “in a strictly owner owned residential neighborhood.” The lack of any elected officials support for the Forestville constituents (unlike the mayor’s opposition to Chippens Hill Project) only give silent approval to the zone change and its every engaging project.

What possible city need could outweigh the overwhelming public outcry against this zone change?

Thomas A. Lepito     Bristol

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