YOUR VIEW: No project has been discussed more than the Memorial Boulevard School

Published on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:35
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To the editor:

I was very dismayed by the recent letter from Camerin Crowal stating the Memorial Boulevard School is not being talked about by the Democrats? Really? As an involved theater supporter & volunteer since the 2014 Task Force, I can say there is NO project that has been discussed more. This beautiful, historical building will be restored with a new use, the theater will be back online and become yet another addition and catalyst to our growing downtown. There has been no better publicized project - it’s on both the City and Education websites, and the Task Force’s work is still online as well. When needed we receive updates at city council meetings.

Here are the facts- which matter. The state is contributing 63% of the $63 million. The city is responsible for $23 million, $17 million of which was already approved by the Cockayne administration. The balance, as a bonded item in the budget, is planned for.

Camerin seems to have the numbers all wrong, which is odd considering his Republican running mate, Cheryl Thibeault, voted yes for this project when she was the chair of the Board of Finance for that Cockayne Administration. Perhaps instead of trying to sling mud at the Democrats in hopes that something sticks, the Republicans should start talking to each other and try to understand the numbers behind this significant project. Kind of difficult to represent yourselves as, “a new era of accountability”, when your candidates seem anything but, accountable.

I don’t like the direction Republican candidates have taken this year in terms of creating their own fake news instead of discussing the issues. From their partisan perch, the advancements of the last two years must be tough to admit. As a voter, their tactics are noted and not appreciated.

Debra Schur


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