YOUR VIEW: Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu simply loves and takes pride in Bristol

Published on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:21
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To The Editor:

When I returned to Bristol in 1992, I registered as an independent voter and have proudly voted in every election since, for a person not a party. I wrote my first-ever candidate endorsement Letter to the Editor in support of Ellen Zoppo-Sassu in 2017. No, Ellen and I were not lifelong friends, merely acquaintances who were raised by strong and compassionate parents who deeply loved and were engaged in their community.

In that letter, I noted Ellen demonstrated through her years of public (and private) service, that she fully grasped the importance of role she sought. Her lifelong, steadfast devotion to our community and ways to improve it have been at the forefront of every cause she had and continues to support. Ellen’s intelligence and integrity combined with common sense make her an ideal candidate to provide the leadership our city needs. She believes in working together across party lines in order to create a vision for the future of our town-which had been a challenge for many years.

I still firmly believe in Ellen’s abilities today. From where I sit, I am impressed at the way she tackles issues head on. She’s smart, thorough, and intensely focused on continually seeking ways for City government to work better like the $220 million business that it is. Together with department heads and council, she sets goals and sees them through completion, she takes the initiative to capitalize on opportunities to help new and local businesses as well as its citizens, and works extremely long hours to achieve those objectives. She remains calm when unexpected issues or interruptions threaten to impact her focus, learns from criticisms and rarely lets the seldom misstep negatively impact her performance. Above all else, Ellen simply loves and takes pride in Bristol.

Cathy Savino


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