YOUR VIEW: Keep Bristol on the upswing

Published on Sunday, 20 October 2019 20:56
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To The Editor:

I grew up in Bristol and in many ways it was an idyllic upbringing. When I was old enough for school, I received a wonderful education at Northeast and BEHS which along with college allowed me to work places most people only dream of.

I moved to Austin and 30 years flew by. When our children were grown and flown, we found ourselves taxed out of Austin and began to look for a place to retire.

I did not think my hometown would be an option. While visiting, I saw a downtown in tatters and heard of shocking and tawdry political scandals.

Then two years ago, a childhood church friend, Greg Hahn, announced he was running for City Council. We were intrigued by his plans for Memorial Boulevard School and the Arts Commission. We heard Ellen Zoppo-Sassu speak and were impressed by her intelligence, passion for our city and eagerness to ‘right the ship.’

We continued to visit my father several times a year and we were impressed by the positive changes in Bristol. Soon I realized my time with my dad was limited so we retired here. We are thrilled with our decision. If you’ve lived here forever, you may not realize how lucky you are. Bristol is a beautiful city architecturally, its citizens are friendly and in a few years people will talk about our city as it becomes a new hub of restaurants and entertainment that will help our economy.

I believe this upswing will only be maintained if the administration headed by Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and the current city council members including my childhood church friend, Greg Hahn, are re-elected. I strongly believe our children and grandchildren will thank us.

Melissa Balsam


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