YOUR VIEW: City needs to talk about project

Published on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 20:39
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To The Editor:

“Why is nobody talking about the Memorial Boulevard magnet school project, we cannot follow the trend of the state.”

“I find it curious that a project of this size and cost to Bristol taxpayers is not the main topic of conversation by the mayor or any of the Democratic candidates. Maybe that’s because the costs of this project are predicted to be significantly higher than first promised by the mayor.” Crowal said.

The state has included in a bond package $50 million dollars ear marked for this project. Cost estimates early on were set at $53 million with the $3 million shortfall from the state effectively being passed on to city taxpayers.

“To expect taxpayers to absorb $3 million in the budget, on top of the 5% increase in taxes this administration has already hit taxpayers for is simply bad business. We all know that when you build something like an addition to a house or factory the final cost is 15% to 20% more. Maybe that’s why nobody is talking about this”, he said.

A 10% overrun is an additional $5.3 million dollars, 20% is an astounding $10.6 million dollars. At those rates of increase Bristol tax payers could be looking at absorbing between $8 and $13 million dollars in budget expense that converts to significantly higher taxes.

Crowall said “The lack of transparency by the mayor and city council will inflict long lasting damage to the city if this project comes to be. If the taxpayers knew what the cost and use of the project were likely to be and had an opportunity to vote on this project, it might not happen.”

Camerin Crowal

Republican 3rd District City Council candidate


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