YOUR VIEW: We need to run government more like a business

Published on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 14:20
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To The Editor:

As the Republican Party Chair and a candidate for Council this year, I would like to highlight the most inclusive slate of all NEW candidates this year and describe the “New Generation of Accountability” theme.

Simply stated we as a team feel we need to run government more like a business.

Accountability is absent in government and we believe we should focus more on what we are NOT going to do.

Republicans oppose a City run internet service that will cost Bristol taxpayers 65 million dollars, is technically illegal, and in direct contrast to a state mandate for expanded 5G wireless coverage.

We will not continue to buy properties like the downtown parcel and the Southeast Business Park and let it languish for years draining our tax base.

We will rebuild trust with the taxpayer by not trying to feed the 58% of kids that do not need nor want “free” breakfast or lunch... which cost the City an extra ~200 thousand dollars this past year due to mismanagement.

Please pay attention to what is happening locally this year and support Row B for municipal offices on November 5th.

Jeff Caggiano

BRTC Chair

Candidate for Council District 1


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