YOUR VIEW: Eliminate styrafoam containers

Published on Wednesday, 10 July 2019 18:34
Written by

Sydney Predmore

Erica Drzewiecki wrote a wonderful article published on the Fourth of July. I felt compelled to comment. Drzewiecki’s piece on Bristol Senior Center volunteers transforming plastic bags into blankets for the homeless has, truly, sparked hope for our future.

Single-Use plastics are a plague on our nation; harming humans, endogenous flora and fauna, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and so much more. I am so extraordinarily happy to see upcycling as wonderful as this in my hometown. That being said, I would like to draw urgency to HB No. 5384. This bill calls for the elimination of single-use styrofoam containers.

I would like to make a call for action: to reduce litter in our parks, waterways and urban centers and to create cost-savings in the recycling. *Connecticut General Assembly: H.B. No. 5384, 2019* I vehemently support a ban on single-use plastics - specifically, polystyrene (foam cups and take-out containers). The incredible upcycling being done by the eco-warrior Senior Center volunteers leads me to believe the vast majority of citizens feel the same way. I urge Bristol’s legislative representatives to act! Senator Henri Martin and Representative D’Amato: I ask you both to aid in passing H.B. No. 5384. As a constituent, I hope you will hear my voice. Eliminate single-use styrofoam containers. Lead us. Protect us. Protect our children.

-Proud Bristol Citizen, Sydney Predmore

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