YOUR VIEW: Treat individuals with disabilities as equals and advocate for them

Published on Wednesday, 3 July 2019 15:03
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Dear Editor,

My name is Chad Sinanian and I’m a gung ho, dedicated, hard charging advocate for individuals with disabilities like myself, always pushing to improve our daily lives, to convince everyone else that we are equal human beings, just like everyone else and that we work hard every day to be accepted by others.

On May 29, Ability Beyond, where I have worked as consumer satisfaction advocate since Jan. 26, 1994, presented me with a 25 years of service certificate and I’m extremely proud and honored to have received that award.

I work as an advocate for us individuals with disabilities every day, not only at Ability Beyond, I serve on the Arc of Connecticut board, I’ve been on the board of People First of Connecticut since 2001, and I help WECAHR and serve on the Danbury Commission on Disablities with John Gentile.

I have a dream and a vision that us individuals with disabilities will be treated and accepted as equal human beings despite our limitations. I hope that one day, all of us, will be gainfully employed at competitive employment for equal wages and taught job skills.

I have a dream that someday people will stop labeling us, shunning us, ostracizing us, underestimating our intelligence and capabilities, and want to interact with us individuals with disabilities instead.

We are equal human beings and we have the right to be educated, to be taught skills so we can live independently and successfully in our communities. We want to be allowed to make our mistakes, to be fully integrated and included in everyday life in society.

I ask that everyone who supports and advocates for us individuals with disabilities please write your state and federal lawmakers asking for increased funding for job training programs, community placement programs, affordable housing for us persons with disabilities so we can be contributing members of our communities.

Chad Sinanian


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