YOUR VIEW: Not everyone gets a free sidewalk in Bristol

Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 20:49
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To The Editor:

I read an article in The Bristol Press on May 11 about putting sidewalks on Divinity Street. I am asking all the taxpayers who went through the Residential Sidewalk Program are you aware that the property owners on Divinity Street are getting their sidewalks put in free through a grant?

Those of us who went through the program had to be put on a waiting list some of us waiting two years. We then had to pay our share to the city for the work that was done.

Nothing was free. How is this fair to the taxpayers who had to go through the program and pay for their walks?

I called public works and was told these walks are being put in through a grant.

Well, I am tired of hearing about this grant that benefits only some residents and not everyone. All well and good to have a grant but use the grant wisely to benefit all the taxpayers in the city and not just some homeowners.

How many of you feel that this is OK for some homeowners and the rest have to go through the sidewalk program and pay to have new sidewalks.

Maybe the city should think about giving those who paid for their walks a rebate or a tax credit. Contact your mayor, your council person, the director of public works to voice your opinion about treating ALL property owners fairly.

Even with a grant these homeowners should pay something and not have totally free sidewalks.

Robin Ferraro


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