YOUR VIEW: City Hall must stop foolish spending

Published on Thursday, 18 April 2019 18:51
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To the Editor,

I read where the city is thinking of raising our taxes to 60 mil. With the city having 62% of the people below poverty rate, who will pay the taxes. We don’t need bricks all of the downtown area or bumblebee structures. What we need is businesses like Raphaels and D&L and various jewelry stores that drew people to downtown. I can’t remember the last time I went downtown. I used to walk up and down the Main Street to shop. Now we have two grocery stores. More and more factories have closed with nothing coming back in. We are the welfare city of Connecticut. Maybe now is the time to sell our house and move to a town or city with better taxes. Both of us are retired. We don’t have the money on SS to pay these higher and higher taxes. Let’s stop foolish spending at City Hall and the downtown area. Let’s make New Britain a more friendly town towards taxes to draw more people here. We have an election coming. Maybe we need to make some big changes to our elected officials. It’s time for a change.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Veneziano

New Britain

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