YOUR VIEW: Claims against Shortell unfounded

Published on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 20:52
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To The Editor:

I am responding to a recent article in the New Britain Herald regarding Robert Berriault’s false allegations of discrimination by New Britain Democratic Town Committee Chair Bill Shortell. Mr. Berriault provided false information in his communications with the Herald, in an open letter to the New Britain Democratic Town Committee (“NBDTC”), and his original Facebook post. Mr. Berriault alleges repeatedly that he is being discriminated against because he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. To be clear, Bill Shortell never discriminated against Mr. Berriault, and no reasonable person would believe that he had.

In fact, he was supported several times in the past by the entire DTC as a candidate for Alderman, and as a New Britain delegate to several party conventions, including the State Convention.

The truth is that his disability was never a concern for anyone on the NBDTC, only his aggressive and threatening behavior toward other members.

His defamatory communications in the press and on social media seem intended to cause real damage to the current NBDTC chair, Bill Shortell, and the previous chair, John McNamara. The lack of any substance to his allegations and the way in which he has handled this matter substantiates our concerns regarding his inability to make good decisions and to behave professionally toward his colleagues and potential constituents.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Berriault has ignored the very real concerns that have been brought to his attention during the past couple of years, while intentionally twisting facts to paint everyone around him in as bad a light as possible.

He has absolutely no evidence to support his allegations. The only fact in this matter is that his aggressive demeanor toward multiple NBDTC members and others have led to a lack of confidence in his ability to serve our community.

Beyond that we hope what we have always hoped. Namely, that Mr. Berriault makes wise and fair decisions going forward that represent the values of the NBDTC.

Chris Govola

Treasurer, NBDTC

New Britain

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