YOUR VIEW: State's motor vehicle laws draw questions

Published on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 20:50
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To The Editor:

This is on the Connecticut handicapped parking issues. I was at the DMV in New Britain and all the handicapped stops were taken by Live Time stickers that were stopped on Jan-1-2009 by CT DMV.

I went into the DMV and asked about it and they said it was not there job to enforce it and they were private property.

At the store I asked and they also stated it was private. My question is where can they ticket if everything is private.

Banks, stores, doctor, post office, or private parking garages. and why is nothing being done about Life Time Handicapped Place cards when they were stopped in 2010?

Next question is why is it not known that you can not have a vanity holder around your license plate and if you do you are subject to a $117.00 fine. TV 3 news at 11 pm had a story on it. Why is nothing said about it and whose job is it to let you know it is not legal per state law?

Joanne Majewski


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