YOUR VIEW: Clear your sidewalks of ice and snow

Published on Friday, 8 March 2019 19:51
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To The Editor:

We have a law in town that says sidewalks are supposed to be shoveled 24 hours after a storm. If you drive from Queen Street to Farmington Avenue to Maple Street and Peacedale Avenue you see several sections of ice from people not shoveling.

We have an 80 year old women who shovels her sidewalk every storm. Her neighbors half her age don’t even try to shovel and another neighbor who seems to plow peoples driveways plows the snow on his sidewalk and leaves it. Kids have to walk to bus stops in several sections of town and you see a lot walking in the road due to sidewalks not shoveled. Please try to take a few minutes and clear your sidewalks. There are too many people who think “if I don’t use it why should I do this.” This includes a lot of businesses who don’t shovel around their properties they plow for the customers and that is it.

Jim Beaudoin


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