YOUR VIEW: Starbucks' Schultz is not Dems' cup of tea

Published on Monday, 11 February 2019 20:30
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To The Editor:

With Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz mulling a run for President, Democrats across the nation are furious.

They are furious that a billionaire outsider with no political experience who brought his coffee shops from a local delight to an international publicly traded chain would dare consider crashing their plans in attempting to unseat President Trump.

The question is why are Democrats furious with Schultz? Why would they attempt to bully a person into submission who has advocated the traditional values of their party?

The answer is simple; Schultz is not interested in running under the party banner. Talk about a big no-no for the Democratic Party.

Before Schultz has had a real chance to do what the other declared candidates are doing-meeting Iowans in their living rooms-Democrats began the opposition research aimed to criticize Schultz, his record, and his life; all to take him down.

You see, Democrats only care about voter suppression and the suppression of the rights of people when it advances their political cause. Why else would they work so diligently and strategically against Schultz to prevent him from exercising his right to participate in our republican democracy?

The purported narrative that they advance is that a Schultz candidacy would all but ensure the re-election of the President.

Why should that matter? Is it that the potential Democratic nominee will not closely identify with the traditional voters within the party?

Is Schultz likely to pick off Democrats and independents that the party was hoping to capture in a two-way contest?

Are the Democrats working toward the idea that their candidate will be extremely far left to balance out the race?

If so, then they should prepare for a loss now. Perhaps the nomination of a more traditional candidate, like Joe Biden, would stop Schultz from gaining momentum, but either way it should not matter.

Democrats have no right to prevent more candidates outside of their party apparatus, just as much as Republicans have no right to do such a thing.

Dante Tagariello


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