YOUR VIEW: AARP campaign urges voter participation

Published on Tuesday, 11 September 2018 21:11
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To The Editor:

Do you know the biggest and most robust bloc of Connecticut voters are over the age of 50? Therefore, we have a voice and need to make sure we use it in the upcoming midterm election.

AARP has launched the “Be The Difference” initiative to help educate and encourage voters to learn where the candidates stand on important issues and head to the polls in November. Voters are concerned about the issues that impact them such as livable communities, financial security, Medicare, Social Security and caregiving, to name a few.

These are critical issues, but are they being discussed by the candidates? Be The Difference offers multi-media information to Connecticut voters as to where candidates stand on these and other issues to help us hold politicians accountable for their positions this November.

Politicians need to stop casting insults instead of creating results. It’s time for the people we elect to actually represent us and get to work. No matter what side of the aisle you sit, we can all agree that voting is an American privilege, one that is sometimes taken for granted.

As the midterm election approaches, in light of the political climate in our nation and our state, all of our votes matter.

Help us send a strong message to candidates this election by visiting and adding your name.

AARP’s Be The Difference initiative urges all voters to make their voices heard. Every vote counts, and together, we can hold politicians accountable regarding the issues that matter to us.

James Hatch


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