YOUR VIEW: You, too, can help save the planet

Published on Sunday, 5 August 2018 20:31
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To The Editor:

My name is Victoria Zaldivar and I am 6 years old. I’ve been reading National Geographic Kids magazine with my mom.

A recent edition was all about how our planet is an amazing place to live but it needs our help.

So, I want to share with the Bristol community some ideas that I learned about to help protect the planet:

1. Instead of buying new clothes, reuse hand-me-downs and shop at consignment stores.

2. Unplug phone and laptop chargers when not in use.

3. Open your windows and turn on a fan instead of blasting the air conditioner.

4. Always throw trash in a can so garbage doesn’t harm wildlife.

5. Do not release balloons outside or they can end up entangling ocean animals or being mistaken for food.

6. Recycle paper and plastic.

7. Use reusable metal straws or paper versions.

8. Use the back of paper or buy recycled paper.

9. Conserve water when you shower, brush your teeth, and wash dishes.

10.Don’t feed wildlife because it makes them more dependent on humans.

If everyone can take these actions, like I am, we can help save the planet together!

Victoria Zaldivar


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