YOUR VIEW: Candidate's sister says he deserves your vote

Published on Sunday, 5 August 2018 20:28
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To The Editor:

Thoughts that I would like to share. I feel we are living in a time, that more than ever, we experienced well-rounded, compassionate and strong leadership in our “great state of Connecticut.”

I have the honor of being a sister of Richard Dupont, candidate for the Republican Party, 5th District Congressional seat.

Having known Richard Dupont all of my life, confidently I can say that he is “ready” to lead Connecticut in a “very positive” and “result oriented way;” always he is seeking to improve the quality of life for “everyone” in Connecticut.

The Richard Dupont I know will lead Connecticut, walking with integrity, strength, heart and commitment each day with a constant drive, dedicated to prosperity for all.

I encourage everyone to take a much closer look at his truly selfless and accomplished career in the past 30 years.

Relentlessly striving and tirelessly moving forward for all of us who seek a “great life and future in Connecticut.”

I know that Richard Dupont “strongly” stands for reliable, intelligent, comprehensive, honest, dependable, unifier, progression, and a negotiator with a tenacious spirit. I ask everyone please decide on Aug. 14 to “stand strong in Connecticut” and vote for Richard Dupont, Republican Party, 5th District Congressional seat.

Thank you all for your vote, it is completely appreciated.

Nancy Dupont


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