YOUR VIEW: Good information on Tilcon issue

Published on Thursday, 29 March 2018 20:49
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To The Editor:

First, I want to thank Margaret Minor, executive director of Rivers Alliance of Connecticut, for her letter thanking the Herald/Press for it’s coverage of “The Plan.” The coverage is excellent.

I want to add my many thanks to the Herald/Press for it’s reporting in detail the New Britain/ Tilcon Mining Company’s plan for quarrying expansion in the Shuttle Meadow Reservoir area. This area is a protected watershed area which includes Bradley Mountain, the Metacomet Trail (must be moved),and perhaps Copper Mine Brook. (how will it be protected)? When a company is blasting away only God, from on high, knowing the future will know what will be changed.I think that the area indangered is 291 acres of open space.

I also want to thank the Herald/Press for it’s inclusion of a report from two members of a state agency, the Council on Environmental Quality. Alicea Charmut and Kip Kolesinkas who as my mother would have said “went over the 500 page report with a fine tooth comb”. Alicea and Kip’s feelings were that the Lenard Engineering 500 page report appears to have had on “rose tinted glasses” when writing the report.

The report seems to be what we use to call in the calmer ,old days “a snow job”! White fluffy snow on top (the benefits of allowing Tilcon to blast Bradley Mountain and surrounding protected areas.)

The slush underneath, on the bottom (the true environmental impact)! It’s all there but the reader of the report must use a “fine toothed comb” to find all the facts.

This Tilcon Plan must be approved by the Legislature.I’m not sure I find that so reassuring.

Kay Burke


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