YOUR VIEW: We should consider arming some teachers

Published on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 19:54
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To The Editor:

The article in The Bristol Press: “Union head says the idea of arming teachers is ‘preposterous’” should read “Union head says that protecting children is preposterous.”

If David Hayes feels incompetent to shoot a gun then he should not have a gun. But my guess is that there are teachers male and female who already have permits to carry concealed. I would postulate that there re teachers, male and female who are brave enough and dedicated enough to do their best to protect students from harm even at the risk of their own lives.

Teachers are already a target. Most school shootings already have taken the lives of teachers. Shouldn’t they have the right to defend themselves?

This is an issue that you should not speak for all teachers, David. Some male and female teachers may be braver than you, or more dedicated.

The defenses of the Bristol schools are the same as those of Parkland. All doors locked, resource officers at the high schools, who may do their duty, or not, as we saw at Parkland are chancy. The video of what schools? At the police station in real time is a good idea, but only if it works better than it did at Parkland.

And tell me this, David, how do you protect 200 kids out at recess at the middle schools or elementary schools? Students leaving at day’s end are easy targets.

Arming some teachers may not be the end all, but for those who are capable, it may contribute to safety in schools. Not all teachers are cowards.

Genard Dolan,

Former Commissioner,

Bristol Board of Education

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