YOUR VIEW: Taxpayers shouldn't cover fund shortage

Published on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 20:59
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To The Editor:

Well folks, how do you like your extra tax bill? I’ll tell you why you received the bill! Your elected Town Council decided to use several million dollars of your undesignated fund balance to cover the shortage in the town employee health fund instead of using the funds to cover the shortage of state funds to our town budget.

In my opinion, the taxpayers have no obligation to cover any shortage of the employee health fund.

Did you know that the taxpayers also subsidize the cost of insurance and employee overtime for the pumpkin and balloon festivals that are mainly attended by people from out of town?

Then we have some extra cost to our budget from the pre-kindergarten day care for babies. With this in mind, the people you elected to represent the taxpayers best interest, decided to close the Sunday library hours to save $6000.00!

Just so everyone knows, I don’t have anything against town employees, in fact I considered some of them as friends before I wrote this letter, but what is fair is fair!

The council is appropriating about a half million dollars in increments to the employee health fund so the voters will not get a voice in a referendum vote on the issue. There is strength in numbers, if we can get a thousand taxpayers to show up at the next council meeting where they plan to give away another half million dollars of our money, we can stop their nonsense.

Wake up people, get involved or before you know it, there will be a knock on your door from the tax man demanding more money.

Don’t forget what this council is and has been doing to you when you vote on the next town budget!

John Kisluk


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