YOUR VIEW: Impact of Tilcon's proposed project is obvious

Published on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 20:52
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To The Editor:

Thanks so much for continuing to report in detail on New Britain’s apparent determination to go forward with rock mining in reservoir lands.

Tilcon sometimes seems to imply that, after the environmental study required by the legislature is completed, the project will be smooth sailing. Probably not.

However, I write to point out the absurdity of needing a study in order to determine the environmental impact of a project that will remove 100 percent of the plants and animals from the target area, along with all the topsoil as well as the most valuable underlying rock.

Total destruction of the environment is an adverse impact. No one needs a study to prove that. The study will, however, be useful, if the project goes forward, as an historical record of all the valuable natural resources and wildlife that at one time existed at this site and protected drinking water for the people of New Britain.

Margaret Miner,

Executive director of

Rivers Alliance of Connecticut

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