YOUR VIEW: Reader questions state's priorities re Medicare Savings

Published on Thursday, 7 December 2017 20:25
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To the Editor:

The cuts made to the Medicare Savings Programs that so many people depend on are a financial disaster for many. This was done in the name of an overwhelming state debt. However monies were found to fund renovation of the XL Center and some shoreline parks. All the while the invisible folks who depend on the Medicare Savings Program will have to sacrifice some necessity to meet their monthly health and household needs. This is a travesty and not one many were prepared for. I personally received a letter from DSS notifying me that my coverage is likely ending. I am to be sent a new notice by Dec. 15 which will tell me if coverage ends or changes. I wonder if all the young healthy people on Medicaid, food stamps and reduced rents have been notified of their benefits being stopped or cut?. Legislators have sent me emails saying they have received more email letters and calls on this issue and had no idea the impact it had on this population. Don’t you think they would have looked into the impact before signing on? Maybe it is time to clean out the state’s politics.

Joanne Ouellette


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