YOUR VIEW: BDA Veep: Bristol is making great progress

Published on Thursday, 2 November 2017 20:40
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To the Editor:

Today I received my second disgusting unsigned anti-Ken Cockayne postcard in the mail and am compelled to pen this letter in support of Ken. This is politics at its lowest level and Bristol does not need this nor should we tolerate it.

I have been a lifelong resident of Bristol, a Bristol Redevelopment Agency, now the Bristol Development Authority, commissioner for 41 years, having served under 12 mayors from both political parties.

I have seen many changes in Bristol over the years and the great progress of making Bristol a business-friendly community and a great place to live and work. Ken has adopted a management policy of delegating responsibility with accountability to the management team of city employees. He does not micromanage but does not abdicate his responsibilities as Bristol’s CEO.

This approach has allowed the BDA director and staff to actively engage in attracting and retaining business as well as our social outreach programs that utilize Community Development Block Grant programs to assist various agencies and homeowners with these programs.

Bristol is moving forward! At least, we see construction activity with the new infrastructure in the downtown and soon will see the start of construction of the new Bristol Hospital facility. We no longer have a “concept” of what we should have downtown but a reality. The Southeast Business Park is no longer raw land but significant buildings have been constructed and have created new jobs and increased tax revenue for Bristol. The Marketing Committee of the BDA has worked diligently to promote the Best of Bristol and Bristol All Heart and will continue to do so. All this and more during Ken’s tenure as our mayor.

Ken’s message has been consistent. Bristol is “Open for Business” and moving forward. We need his leadership to continue the path he has started in improving the lives and spirit of a better Bristol. I urge voters to re-elect Ken and keep the momentum moving forward.

Howard Schmelder, vice chair

Bristol Development Authority

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