YOUR VIEW: Plymouth school board candidate asks for your vote

Published on Wednesday, 1 November 2017 19:08
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To the Editor

Plymouth Democrats are a “small but mighty” team this year!

Although we are not running anyone for the position of mayor, there are numerous candidates running on the Democratic ticket who are extraordinary.

I am proud to run as the nominee for the Board of Education, along with Jeannette Brodeur, Richard Foote, Ingrid Green, and Melissa Coan-Kremmel. The other Democrats running for all the offices make me proud to be in Plymouth, as well. As a united party, we believe in supporting all working folks, families, and our community. We work hard to contribute as evidenced by the town clean-up gatherings, kielbasa supper, the children’s Halloween party, and several other adult events.

As a newcomer to Plymouth four years ago, I quickly grew to appreciate the humble, yet undeniably exuberant spirit of the Democratic Party. It radiates a bright light in this town! It is home-grown and sincere. I am so proud to be part of the Democratic Party and I see how both parties have the potential to work even more closely together to get things done!

As a 39-year veteran educator, I relished making a difference as a special education teacher and elementary principal for 23 years. I have served as a member and a leader of many “small, but mighty” teams. Sometimes, those are the energized people that get the most done and have an unsurpassed drive to contribute and serve.

Tell your neighbors . . . tell your families! Get out and vote on Nov. 7 at Terryville High School.

Vote Row A . . . . Vote for the “small but mighty” Democratic Team. We will work our hearts out for you and for this special hidden treasure called Plymouth!

Edie Balkun

Democratic Nominee for the Board of Education

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