YOUR VIEW: Mayor's sister weighs in on election

Published on Wednesday, 1 November 2017 19:08
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To the Editor:

Anyone who knows my family and I knows we are a very close family. This election, so far, has been the worst one of all. The dirty campaigning from the other side has been awful from derogatory postcards about Ken, lies posted on social media, ridiculous “claims” and the removal of Ken signs from his opponents team, etc.

Anyone who knows Ken knows these “claims” against him are ridiculous. Ken would give you the shirt off his back. Ken is the type of guy who would help you when you need it. Even with his busy schedule in his spare time - which isn’t much - he put together my kids’ playscape.

Recently, I called him late one night because I had a flat tire and without even thinking about it he said ‘I’ll be right over.’ That is the real Ken!

The real Ken is working hard for Bristol all while being attacked continually with this vicious witch hunt. Don’t fall victim to believing the lies that are posted about him. They simply are not true!

Not only do these vicious attacks affect Ken, it affects his family too. I have had many sleepless nights upset about this dirty campaigning and lies posted from the other side, but it also landed our mother in the ICU last week with a heart attack brought on by stress from the dirty politics.

I will not sit back and watch people trying to ruin his reputation or career.

It’s sad when certain family members have sold their souls for political gain and allowed themselves to be used. Not once have you seen Ken retaliate when he’s been attacked repeatedly. He has always taken the high road and campaigned on his accomplishments. I can’t say the same for his opponent.

I’ve been working very hard on Ken’s campaign for months and I will continue to do so until Election Day. I will continue to replace the stolen lawn signs day after day.

I’m voting for Ken, not only because he is my brother, but because he is the best candidate!!

Cindy LaMarre


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