YOUR VIEW: Zoppo-Sassu has already done so much for the city

Published on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 19:19
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To the Editor:

About four years ago I was asked to do a home visit for the Sassu family. They were adopting a new dog, Jeter. I love these types of visits because I know a dog is coming out of the shelter and into a loving home.

Fast forward to 2017 Ellen now sits on our nonprofit board for the Bristol Dog Pound and has for the past two years. The nonprofit finds homes for all the town’s abandon animals and raises funds for supplies the town does not cover. In just two short years we have accomplished so much with her ideas and guidance. The pound now has a new mural on the front of the building so no one can miss us driving by. We now have a brand-new generator installed at the building so if the power goes out the pups still have heat and lights. We also have a new chip reader so if a lost dog comes in with a chip, the owners can be found quickly and many small items that make the dogs’ stay a little easier. Ellen is a born leader and I think she will doing an amazing job for our city and, if you think about it, she has already been doing an amazing job. Looking forward to calling you my mayor!

I am ready for the positive change!

Lindsey Rivers


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