YOUR VIEW: Cockayne support: Let his record stand

Published on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 19:17
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To the Editor:

As a resident of Bristol for many years, I have seen politicians come and go. Some good, some bad. But, in my estimation, Ken Cockayne has done a great job. First, as councilman and now the mayor, he has helped our city in many ways. He has taken a major step in cleaning this city of blight. He has attended veteran events and listened to their concerns. My husband, Omer, is a Korean War veteran who has taken up issues with Ken concerning the Memorial Boulevard. Complaints have been made about the geese and how they are making it so you can’t walk on the grass. Ken listened and is working on this issue. The use of commercial vehicles on the boulevard is being addressed by Ken. The issue of the lines being painted wrong on the boulevard is being undertaken by Ken.

Ken has a keen ear and listens to all people. Especially the elderly. If you take notice, at functions, people seem to gravitate to him and seek advice. I have seen him at the senior center many times, enjoying conversation with the elderly.

But bad and sad times seem to prevail in all things. I have never seen such hatred and scorn directed at one person in our city like this election. People (mostly women) are trying to ruin his reputation. If we were to look into the closets of others, I am sure, very sure, we would find skeletons in there.

I am sure all these allegations have taken a toll on him, his family and so on.

Let the results of his record as mayor stand, with all the great accomplishments that he has made for our great city of Bristol. Ken has a lot more to do and we as good citizens should help him achieve these goals. Please vote with me: Ken Cockayne for mayor.

Pauline Deabay


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