Your View: Bristol native backs Kelley for City Council

Published on Monday, 30 October 2017 20:17
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To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse my brother-in-law, Peter Kelley, for City Council.

While I no longer reside in Bristol, I take great interest in the state of affairs in my hometown. I have been troubled recently by the extreme partisanship at all levels of government.

I feel that Peter Kelley has qualities that can bridge the differences which exist within Bristol’s government.

He is a person with tremendous interpersonal skills, who always considers the other person’s point of view. Peter is a person of great empathy.

I am confident he will be a leader who will be very accessible to his constituents. They will find him to be a leader with impeccable integrity, who will listen to their concerns and act on them.

His primary motivation in running for office for the first time is to give back to the city he has called home for over 30 years. I feel that Peter Kelley will work hard to solve Bristol’s current problems, while keeping an eye on its future.

I urge the voters of the second district to elect Peter Kelley to City Council.

Bill McCooey


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