Your View: President Toro demonstrates 'family sense' of CCSU

Published on Monday, 30 October 2017 20:15
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To the Editor:

CCSU President Zulmo Toro recently announced to the campus community and beyond that she was cancelling her inauguration.

She said that, “[w]ith so many people suffering from the recent natural disasters and calamities…it would be inappropriate to hold such a ceremony” and points out some of her rationale.

But her unpretentiousness needs some expansion.

The inauguration of a university president is much more than installing a new head of an academic institution. It is a public affirmation of the inherent importance of a collegiate education.

President Toro has engaged these important public values since she has arrived. She has demonstrated the “family sense” of CCSU, the importance of community engagement, and engaging all sectors of the greater New Britain region.

President Toro knows well that almost 90 percent of CCSU’s 65,000 alumni live and work in the region’s towns and cities and is committed to serving their needs while creating new opportunities for the university’s students and new graduates.

What President Toro asks in her announcement is a request that all of us help those in storm affected areas like Puerto Rico, her native home, Texas, Louisiana and other hard hit areas. To President Toro, helping those areas would celebrate the meaning of an inauguration. In short, she has already lived the heart of what an inauguration is about.

Richard L. Judd

President Emeritus, Central CT State University

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