YOUR VIEW: Couple objects to columnist's view of 'Merry Christmas'

Published on Sunday, 29 October 2017 20:30
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To the Editor:

We read the article in the Bristol Press entitled “I don’t care about ‘Merry Christmas.’ To its author, Colbert King, we say, you are an excellent example of why our country is going down the tubes. It’s quite apparent after reading your article that your faith is hinged on one word: myself. You have the God-given right to criticize our faith and we also have the right to criticize yours, which again is me, me, me. I dread the day and it will come when you stand in front of my God and utter the same words as you say to us humans on earth. My wife and I, after reading your article, have now included you in our daily prayers.

We feel so sorry for you and truly wish you a Merry Christmas.

Hank & Rae Rudzinski


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