Your View: Supports Democratic candidates in Bristol election

Published on Saturday, 28 October 2017 20:03
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To the Editor:

I wanted to convey my support of the Democratic candidates for City Council and for the mayoral candidate, Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. I have been working on writing postcards, and getting the word out about the Democratic candidates. All of them have a positive outlook about moving the city of Bristol forward.

During the candidate forum and debate last night, (10/23/17), it became clear that some of the council candidates are perfectly content with keeping the city as is. A few of the Republican candidates stated that we cannot get the old-time feel of Bristol back, and that it isn’t possible to do so. I disagree. With hard work, and bringing in businesses we can do just that. We have to support small businesses, and at the current time, we don’t do that. We have had more businesses leave than stay. Case in point, we have had The Barley Vine, the grocery store that was on Memorial Boulevard, Walmart Grocery, and Center Pizza. The list goes on, but we need to be supportive of the candidates who were prepared and are willing to move this city forward into the 21st century. During the mayoral debate, our incumbent mayor stated that Ellen bought the mall property. This is a bit concerning, as our incumbent mayor failed to cite sources for where his information came from. Our mayor continues to say that we are bringing in business. Where? When? The above list is businesses that have closed up and left the city during the mayor’s term in office.

The candidates I am supporting are Ellen Zoppo-Sassu for mayor, and Peter Kelley and Dave Preleski from District 2. I also support all of the other Democratic candidates for District 1, Joshua Medeiros and Greg Hahn, and for District 3, Brittany Barney and Mary Fortier. These candidates will help this city to move forward. These candidates have proven to be welcoming and open. When I marched in the parade with the Democratic Town Committee I was welcomed and excited to be there. These candidates are true role models, and know how to run a clean and fair campaign.

Patty Beaudoin


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