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Published on Saturday, 28 October 2017 20:02
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To the Editor,:

I am writing this letter in support of Mayor Ken Cockayne.

I have worked for the mayor since August 2016 as his executive assistant and I feel a sense of responsibility to give the voting public my perspective of him both as an employee and also as our mayor, especially in light of the recent onslaught of deeply personal attacks toward him.

When I read some of the articles and social media comments attributed to him, I was struck by how different the man they were describing is from the person that I work with everyday, and many of them have never even met him. Mayor Cockayne has been a pleasure to work for and has always treated me with the utmost respect. I recall telling him early on that I am no wallflower and I will always tell him what I actually think when he asks my opinion and not what I think he wants to hear. His response to me was “I would not expect anything less.” Since that day, I have been witness to a mayor that extends the same attitude to the concerns of residents, employees, department heads and even those that oppose him vehemently. He treats them with the same respect, no matter the title or stature and works to resolve their concerns, whether big or small. He is the most accessible elected official that I know.

Ken Cockayne loves the city of Bristol and wants the best for its residents. His positive energy for our city is contagious and this comes from a New York native that was not a fan of our city until he became mayor. I started to see and experience tangible, positive changes in Bristol as a resident under his first term and quickly became a proponent of his administration. The city is cleaner, crime is down, my taxes are affordable, the grand list has increased exponentially and we are all witnessing the groundbreaking of Center Square and its continued development as we speak. Not to mention that we are thriving as a city with a AAA bond rating under his tenure, in a state that is suffering fiscally in every way possible.

I am proud to work with Mayor Cockayne each day and to be part of his team as he continues to move Bristol forward. I encourage you to vote for him and the continued success of our city on Nov. 7th.

Michele Rine


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