Your View: Mayor cites city accomplishments

Published on Saturday, 28 October 2017 20:00
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To the Editor:

I was surprised to see the Democratic response to the Chamber of Commerce candidates’ debate. Now, all of a sudden, they are fiscally conservative? When did that happen? So far, I’ve heard from my opponent that the city needs an energy manager (which we already have), a citizen help desk, more funding for the police department, and I’m sure more funding for the Board of Education. The numbers are starting to add up. My opponent doesn’t want to talk about numbers or figures unless they are hers or somehow negative toward my administration.

Here are some important numbers:

1. The crime rate is down 31.5% since 2013. This figure comes from the Connecticut State Police Crime Analysis Unit.

2. The city’s grand list increased $66 million in the last year. Source: city assessor.

3. We have invested in code enforcement to the tune of $2.8 million in the last four years, $2.5 million has been or is being recovered through liens. Any remaining balance is our investment in the community. The initiative is working. Source: city tax collector/comptroller.

4. Faneuil received a $150,000 economic development grant to move 400 jobs to Bristol. That investment is for equipment, physical build-out of the space, etc. This is money well spent. Source: Bristol Development Authority

The facts are that we have real momentum in Bristol. Drive around the city to see the change coming to life. We have changed the way we do business and our business-friendly reputation is growing. Stay with us!

Finally, it’s interesting to note that one significant figure we haven’t heard about from my opponent is the Board of Education $2.4 million deficit that they were unaware of. Why no comment on that figure? There is no criticism coming from the Democratic candidates about that - none of the usual accusations about accountability and transparency? I suppose that only applies to those you are not politically aligned with…

Ken Cockayne

Mayor, Bristol

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