Your View: Zoppo-Sassu is a 'public servant'

Published on Saturday, 28 October 2017 20:01
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To the Editor:

In the dozen years I have known Ellen Zoppo Sassu, I have heard her speak on many occasions, be it as city councilor, the chair of the MBS Task Force or on behalf of one of the many volunteer “jobs” she undertakes year round, every year. Not just election years.

She believes politicking is easy and leadership is hard. But the most inspiring words I have heard her speak are, “I am not a good politician but I strive to be a good public servant.” No truer words were ever spoken.

I have watched, listened and I hope, learned from this public servant, as she laid out the plans for many a project, rallied the troops with an uncanny knack for placing the right people in the right jobs, always giving them the opportunity to contribute and shine. Never looking for credit or accolades. As a matter of fact, it just about takes an act of Congress to get Ellen to take credit for anything. Quite a contrast to the, “I and me” lingo we are subjected to on a daily basis by “the politician.”

Recently, in an effort to take our minds off the politician’s continuous unethical behavior, the idea has been floated stating our city is an “oasis in a desert.” No amount of denial, deflection or orange balloons can make this statement true. What will make our city an oasis is a mayor with the education, experience, vision and ethics to lead by example. A true public servant. Join me as we leave behind the Era of the Photo Op Politician and enter the era of The Public Servant. Vote Ellen Zoppo Sassu for mayor and the Democratic slate for council. Integrity matters.

Debra. Schur


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