Your View: Zoppo-Sassu best represents Bristol values

Published on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 19:54
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To the Editor:

While at an all-time low in national politics I feel compelled to address recent headlines in the Bristol Press.

The parallels of leadership between Bristol and Washington are getting chillingly close. This bullying and disrespect of all Americans must never be acceptable anywhere in the world, much less our community. The consequences are far too severe for each and every one of us. Community, families, government, businesses and our future!

Imagine parents trying to raise children in our community with the behavior now being exhibited by the person holding Bristol’s highest office as an example for our young people?

Society needs better leadership at many levels. Set those examples so our children know better. It is the responsibility of all of us.

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu has exhibited this through the good positive campaign she has run. She has asked all assisting to go high even when faced with ridiculous accusations.

The contrast between the candidates couldn’t be more obvious. Ellen is a mother, community leader, volunteer, strong advocate for the arts and so much more. She does all this while supporting local restaurants and businesses. I have worked with Ellen and it was always so obvious how committed she is to Bristol and her respect of all its citizens.

Yes, you can even debate or disagree with her without fear of humiliation.

Ellen’s family has deep roots in our community for generations. I remember her Gramma Tracy well, always elegant and kind.

This is Bristol’s chance to finally get a well educated, hard working, community loving person that will take the reigns and lead us to a better place.

Making Bristol a place where strong motivated families want to call home. Watch those property values soar as this becomes a reality for our community which has seen such severe decline.

This is definitely not about politics; this is about Bristol and respect of every individual. Citizens must not be bullied because of gender, race or just because they offer a different idea.

It is my belief that the right to vote is a privilege, not just a right. If you do not honor that privilege you are giving up any right to complain.

Let’s honor all of those who have fought so very hard for our liberties.

Election Day is Nov. 7.

Prove that Bristol is not uninformed, uncaring or tolerant of bad behavior by making the change and voting for the most qualified Bristol mayoral candidate in generations. Ellen will not embarrass you or let you down.

Bristol strong for change!

See you at the polls

Rochelle Levins


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